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What are the bearing forging manipulator work for?


2019-02-26 09:40
What are the bearing forging manipulator work for?
2018 is passed and 2019 is beginning, more bearings enterprise are worry about when all  employees can be back to position。
All the employees of bearings industry are arrival to the working position?

in recent years Forging of Bearing Rings from Manual Forging to Automatic Forging. Dongguan fityou robot automatic co.,ltd  promoted automatic bearing rings automatic forging in 2010. For many customers using automatic forging manipulator production line, and has brought good benefits.

FITYOU bearing rings automatic forging be two working method. First is the old production line, update to “operator + machines” line. That is to say, part of the workstation is manufactured automatically by manipulator. Some processes continue to be manufactured. Second is the new production line. The robot automatic forging production is adopted
At present, the ideal of manipulator used in automatic forging of bearings is walking beam forging manipulator, that is, three processes (upsetting, forming, punching) forging at the same time.


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